We are an online store specialized in baby alpaca accessories for women and babies. 

You will find: Scarves, stoles, collars, hats, ponchos, gloves, slippers for babies … Everything made of alpaca and baby alpaca wool and fur.

You will find two type of articles in our shop: 

100% Baby Alpaca Wool

Alpaca Wool has a thermal property and it is thanks to the air cavity between the fibers, it keeps you insulated from the cold. If you like cashmere, mohair or sheep wool, you will love alpaca because it's as soft as cashmere, stronger than mohair and much warmer and softer than wool of sheep, besides it's not itchy. It makes perfect to use on babies. Natural fibers are important for babies. Wool is naturally antibacterial and wicks moisture away from the body, so baby stays dry and cozy. Wool is also springy and holds its shape better than other fibers. Our wool is incredibly soft, never itchy.

You will find a few pieces in the collection are made of the softest baby alpaca - incredibly light and as soft as cashmere. We think the alpaca is lovely for newborn babies.

Due to the handmade nature of each item, variations are natural and should be expected. 

100% Baby Alpaca Fur
Alpacas are not killed for their pelt. All articles that you will find in our shop come from alpacas that have had a natural death (extreme temperatures, some die when they are born...). And there is an economic reason for this. Alpacas, which have a lifespan of 20-25 years, are too valuable for their wool and meat to be killed for their fur. Alpacas are also known as the 'sheep of the Andes' and are a source of livelihood for poor communities. 

Everything you can find in our store is made in the Andes (Peru & Chile) from reputable suppliers and with the maximum guarantee of authenticity.